Within 30 days* of your submission to  THE INVENTORS ROAD SHOW™ you will be contacted by email  from us with the results of our review.  We will review your invention/ product to determine what stage you are in the process of making your idea an asset and if we believe we can help get your “Idea to Industry™.  During our due diligence period we may contact our marketing companies to determine their level of interest. With our experience we can help determine where your product fits in the marketplace and what it will take to turn your invention/ product into a marketable asset.




 THE INVENTORS ROAD SHOW™  review process will cover some of the following criteria:

  • Is your product unique and can it compete within it’s category in the marketplace.
  • Can your product be made for a price that would enable it to sell once it was on the shelf.
  • Are you ready  to “Pitch” to a company.
  • Are their missing important elements that need to be addressed before meeting with a potential marketer.




If we believe we can help bring your product to market or if we find a prospective marketer interested in your invention/product we will let you know.  If you are ready with all of the necessary items then we will make that introduction. However, if after reviewing your submission we discover you are not ready to present your invention/product to the marketplace we will make suggestions in writing and send them  to you by email.  Our suggestions will outline  what you need to do to get your invention/product ready to present  to industry.

If we find there are missing items in order for you to present your invention/product to the marketplace we will  require you to submit the necessary missing items back to us  within 60 days from the date of notification.   If after 60 days you do not submit the material needed to present your product to market, we can no longer assist you and our services will have been completed.  At that time  we  will no longer provide you with any services under  your  Product Submission Form  that you submitted.  You may submit your invention for review again  however you will need to pay the application processing fee each time you submit your invention.



If after our review we determine your product can be presented to  our marketing alliances, we will request you sign ourFinders Agreement.  Before filling out the The Product Submission Form  in “Step 3” we recommend you read the “Finders Agreement”.    To receive a copy email us at:  findersagreement@theinventorsroadshow.com.

Step 2: Read the Terms of Service Step 3: Submission Application & Payment


THE INVENTORS ROAD SHOW™ does not provide any legal advice to anyone submitting their invention   All inventors presenting their inventions should have filed for a provisional patent, have a patent-pending or an issued patent.  Otherwise their idea could loose the legal  protection that is provided by filing for a patent.  It will be at the discretion of the inventor if they want to submit their invention.